S3: Trailer - Fine Line Mental Health-Mental Illness

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Fine Line: Mental Health/Mental Illness – Trailer

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Narrator:  In Michael Nye’s traveling exhibition and podcast, Fine Line: Mental Health/Mental Illness, so much comes to light. The portraits and stories uplift us through the power of expression. They reveal the courage and fragility of those living with mental illnesses; schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorders among others in simple, eloquent detail. These voices and images will draw you closer into their lives. Each face invites you to listen.

Voice 1:  The first time I experienced depression that I can remember was probably when I was like four or five.

Voice 2:  Nervous, not talking, being quiet all the time.

Voice 3:  I don’t understand how depression can just slip over you. So suddenly

Voice 4:  I never thought I’d ever, ever say that I have mental illness never in my life.

Voice 5:  It’s like being in a tornado shelter While <laugh>, while the storm rages

Narrator:  On the bulletin board in the gallery, people wrote hundreds of comments. Here are a few of them. Thank you for portraying dignity, humanity, frailty, and strength. You’ve refreshed my passion and deepened my understanding of men, women, and children with mental illness. I have never seen so difficult a topic so artfully realized knowing that these people received attention and care is what makes this transcendent. Mental illness is both very mysterious and equally common, although we rarely talk about it. Thank you for putting faces and voices to this topic. This exhibit touched every part of my heart and soul. I have never cried and felt happy for so many people. I don’t know. I will walk out of here with a different outlook on life. Please join us for season three.