S2: Episode 45 - I Hunger For

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Hunger & Resilience – Episode 45 – I Hunger For

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Narrator:  Welcome to Hunger and Resilience, narrative histories about the complexity and experiences of hunger. A traveling exhibition and weekly podcast edited and hosted by Michael Nye, supported by the San Antonio Food Bank, Eric Cooper, executive director. We are grateful for the honesty and eloquence of every voice. Episode 45, I Hunger For.

Voices of hunger:

I Hunger for Acceptance.

I hungered to understand why.

As a child I hungered for more peace, for being understood and being heard.

I hunger for meaning in my life to find what I’m really here for.

I I hungered for optimism.

I hungered to keep on living.

I hunger for recognition.

I hunger for the ability to help other people.

I hunger for a home, a permanent home.

I hunger for a simpler time.

I hungered for a knowledge for wisdom.

I hungered for space and time in a different way.

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Host:  Everyone hungers for something, maybe even something distant and unknown. I’m Michael Nye. Episode 45 is the last episode in season two about hunger and resilience. The experience of listening to so many people was a privilege. It was humbling in its intensity, surprise and revelations. There is so much misunderstanding circling around the reasons and causes of hunger, explanations and solutions are profoundly complex. I wanna thank the San Antonio Food Bank for all they do. There’s an urgency to support our local community, food banks, and other charitable organizations that provide food and optimism and opportunities to those that struggle. My wife, Naomi, and I saw a movie last night, “She Came to Me” in one scene, a once successful opera composer now deeply depressed with a massive writer’s block, walks the streets of Brooklyn with his opera deadline approaching. He says to himself, as he walks, every person I pass has an opera inside. Yes, every life is a story of operas and insights, stories and hopes of losing and find every voice has a power. What does it feel like to be that person? Season three, Fine Line Mental Health Mental Illness will begin next week. Please join us. I’m Michael Nye. You may go to my website, michaelnye.org/podcast for portraits and transcripts. Thank you for listening.