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In Michael Nye’s exhibition About Hunger & Resilience, so much comes to light. The fifty portraits and audio stories reveal the courage and fragility of those individuals who have experienced hunger. In simple, eloquent detail, these voices and images draw you closer into their lives.

For the past 4 ½ years, Michael has been listening and asking questions about hunger. Why does it happen? What can we learn from them?

Stories have a way of illuminating issues with an elemental and engaging power. These diverse audio narratives take us underneath complicated issues where empathy and understanding begin.

Each face, each voice invites you to listen.


Marise McDermott
President & CEO, Witte Museum

“Michael Nye has put a face on hunger in America and given a voice to those who have none. His powerful and passionate narrative emerges from his close work with each of the participants, both through their recorded interviews and their photographic portraits. He captures their spirits.

“That we are inspired from tragedy is what is transformative about the exhibition. There is no doubt that Witte Museum visitors walk away not merely informed, but changed. The tears come not from sadness, but from overwhelming comprehension.”


Eric Cooper
Executive Director, San Antonio Food Bank

“I have never before seen an exhibit like this. These are stories I cannot forget. I carry them with me.

“This exhibition will invite communities to a deeper experience around the issue of hunger. Food banks and other organizations working to eradicate hunger can use this work as an opportunity to find strategies toward solutions.

“In some ways, everyone that comes to the exhibit will experience a bit of hunger. They will hunger to learn more, and they will want to be filled. I think the food bank continues to be a crucial part of that filling – bringing people to the table where they can engage actively. This work is for everyone. It is tremendously powerful.”





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