Children of Children has traveled to over 85 cities including:

San Antonio, Texas - The Witte Museum
Vantaa, Finland - Vantaa City Museum
Abilene, Texas - The Grace Museum
Bryan, Texas - Red Brick Gallery, Texas A&M University
Tampa, Florida - Tampa Museum of Art
Orlando, Florida - Orlando Science Center
Corpus Christi, Texas - Museum of Science & History
Avon Park, Florida - South Florida Community College
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Art Serve Gallery
Wells, Nevada - Wells Family Resource Center
Okeechobee, Florida - County Healthy Start Coalition
San Bernardino, California - IMPACCT, County Government Center
Spokane, Washington - Regional Health District
Vera Beach, Florida - Cultural Council
West Palm Beach, FL - Robert & Mary Montgomery Armory Art Center
St. Louis, Missouri - St. United Methodist Church
Reno, Nevada - Public Health Foundation
Jacksonville, Florida - Karpeles Museum
Tallahassee, Florida - Mary Brogan Museum of Art
Las Vegas, Nevada - Public Health Foundation
Stuart, Florida - Martin County Healthy Start
Pullman, Washington - Your Choice Not Chance
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - United Community Center
Naples, Florida - International College of Naples
Green Bay, Wisconsin - Neville Public County Museum
Daytona Beach, Florida - Southeast Museum of Photography
Boston, Massachusetts - Northeastern University Gallery
Visalia, California - Tulare County Health Department
Gainesville, Florida - Thomas Center Gallery
Panama City, Florida - University Gallery
Salisbury, Maryland - Salisbury University Gallery
Miami, Florida - African Heritage Culture Art Center
Columbia, South Carolina - Columbia Museum of Art


Sponsors and Endorsements include:

The March of Dimes, St. Louis, MO
The National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting & Prevention
Tampa Healthy Start
Tampa Museum of Art
Workforce Central Florida
Nueces County Health Department
Spokane Regional Health District
Catholic Charities, San Antonio, Tx
Broward Co Workforce Development Board
Methodist Healthcare Ministries
San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
Bryan, Texas Independent School District
Hillsborough County Schools
Spokane Sacred Heart Medical Center
Orlando Science Center
Corpus Christi Independent School District
South Florida Community College
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
Planned Parenthood of North Central Florida
St. Louis, Missouri - United Methodist Church
Mary Brogan Museum of Art & Science
School Boards of Alachua & Bradford Counties
Martin County School District
Martin County Kiwanis
Nevada Public Health Foundation
Armory Art Center, Palm Beach, Florida
The Grace Museum, Abilene, Texas
Community Foundation for Palm Beach/Martin Counties
Spokane Regional Health District
The City of Jacksonville
St. Vincent’s Foundation of Jacksonville
Weaver Family Foundation
Greater Options for Adolescent Lives, Boston, MA
YWCA, Tampa, Florida
Texas A&M University – College of Education
Children’s Services Council of Okeechobee County
Florida Department of Children & Families

...many others



This exhibition presents 50 portraits and stories of those whose lives have been crucially affected by teenage pregnancy. Half of the subjects are current teenage parents and half are individuals who were once teenage parents. One story is from the father of a teenage mother and one from the child of teenage parents.

The project's intention is not to condemn, condone or romanticize teenage pregnancy in any way, but to explore the context of young pregnancy and parenting in our society.

These photographs and stories are glimpses into much larger, complex lives. Each person carries a separate, very particular history. Whether the early pregnancy occurred in 1918 or today, it is a dramatic, life-changing event. Often it is the dividing line between childhood and becoming an adult. Teenage pregnancy can pull families apart, but it can also bring some families closer together.

All of the participants in this project faced difficult choices at a young age. If not already married, will I marry the father or mother? Should I keep this child or have an abortion? Should I give my child up for adoption? How am I going to support this child? How will the pregnancy affect my family and friends? How is this pregnancy going to change my educational and career goals? Am I going to be a good parent? Most of the individuals I interviewed said that they wished they would have waited, but loved their children.

The mothers and fathers I have interviewed and photographed have irrevocably changed the way I think about teen pregnancy and parenting today. I have found some families in difficult situations loving and caring for their children and working hard to improve their lives, while others seemed overwhelmed and unsure how to deal with the complexities of their situations.

Hopefully a visitor to this exhibit will be able to listen to at least 8-12 stories to understand the range of experiences. This is a controversial topic which some people may approach with longstanding biases, prejudices, or easy generalizations. I urge you to look and listen with a generous mind. I have been deeply moved by all the individuals and families I've met.

I thank each one of them for their courage to open their lives to us.

Michael Nye



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